1. Reporting on Semester Activities

Please answer the following questions about what you did in the fall 13 OR spring 14 academic semesters.

* 1. Please provide your first and last name.

* 2. Did you receive any tutoring during these semesters?

* 3. Did you receive any form of academic counseling from McNair staff? (Academic counseling means assistance with making educational plans, selecting appropriate courses, meeting academic requirements, or planning for graduation or graduate education.)

* 4. Did you receive any help from McNair staff with filling out financial aid applications, securing fellowships, or any other form of financial assistance for graduate study?

* 5. Did you receive any assistance from McNair staff concerning choosing a graduate school or professional program and / or applying for admission to that program?

* 6. Do you have a mentor who has signed the mentor agreement / contract?

* 7. Did you participate in any McNair sponsored cultural or academic experiences? (This refers to any field trips, special lectures, or symposiums.)

* 8. Did you attend any McNair sponsored trips to conferences?

* 9. Did you present your research at a conference?

* 10. Did you attend any McNair sponsored trips to graduate schools or graduate fairs?

* 11. Please click on the field you plan to major in during your graduate studies.

* 12. Did you participate in any GRE preparation activities (or any other tests needed for admission to graduate school)?

* 13. Did you participate in any teaching experiences? (Teaching experience refers to any student teaching you did or shadowing experiences you conducted with professors. This CAN include your research mentor.)

* 14. When do you plan to graduate with your bachelor's degree?

* 15. It is mandatory that you apply to at least two graduate schools during your final academic year. Please click on the number of schools to which you have applied.

* 16. Have you been accepted into graduate school and decided to attend?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. When you have completed the survey, please click "done" and the survey will be forwarded to the McNair Scholars Program.