Conference Info

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal to present at the Wallace Center's 2020 National Good Food Network Conference, March 10-13 in New Orleans, LA. The Conference will bring together practitioners from across the good food value chain to share tools, build capacity, and connect with one another. We want your help to make this gathering a success!

Sessions will follow three general formats:
  • Lightning Talks (7 minutes)- Lightning talks are brief, dynamic presentations, like TED Talks, Ignite, etc. that force a tight focus. Lightning talks often include 15-20 highly visual slides and provide a great opportunity to generate interest in your program, project or idea. Lightning talks will take place Wednesday March 11th in the afternoon through mid-day on Friday March 13th.  
  • Breakout Sessions (90 minutes) – In-depth skill building and storytelling sessions. Interactive formats with team presentations from multiple organizations highly encouraged. Breakouts will take place from Wednesday March 11th in the afternoon through mid-day on Friday March 13th.  
  • Half Day Trainings (3-4 hours) - in-depth trainings for a specific audience; request must be very explicit about the intended outcomes for the participants. Half day trainings will take place in the afternoon of March 10th or the morning of March 11th. 
  • Full Day Trainings (6-8 hours) – these will take place as “pre-conference” sessions on Tuesday, March 10th. These must be substantial trainings. Attendees will have an additional charge as food will be provided. The Wallace Center will provide a stipend to presenters of these workshops.
We encourage you to think about lessons learned and how they are helping you make decisions about future work when designing your session. To help guide you, please consider the audience: the primary attendees of the conference are diverse but focused on food value chain development and primarily include food hub practitioners such as hub managers and staff, staff from community based food organizations, value chain coordinators, technical assistance providers, nonprofits and government agencies focused on food and ag, funders, and other value chain and food hub advocates. 

A pillar of this event is centering and highlighting marginalized voices, so please consider how to focus on equity and inclusion through your presentation, both topically and in terms of the makeup of your panel. 

The review team reserves the right to make suggestions and revisions to your proposed sessions. All proposals are due to the Wallace Center by 11:59pm ET on September 27th, 2019.