Oversized agricultural machinery - NHVR national harmonisation project

AgForce Grains is advocating for common sense, risk based approaches to the movement of oversized agricultural machinery in Queensland.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), who administer the Heavy Vehicle National Law, are undertaking a process of ‘national harmonisation’ to bring all states and territories into line to provide consistency across jurisdictions. AgForce must make the most of this opportunity to influence the regulations and ensure they are modernised to suit our current and future machinery needs. We acknowledge that some movements will always require a permit, although, we want to ensure if a movement is low risk and deemed safe, it can happen without burdensome and time-consuming bureaucratic processes.

For AgForce to effectively negotiate on your behalf, we need as much information as possible from anyone who moves oversized agricultural machinery on the road network in Queensland. AgForce will be running a survey in April and May to canvas the dimensions of your machinery and how you move it. Queensland’s zones will also need to be reconsidered so that broadacre farming areas and urban areas are treated in a similar way from one state to the next. We’d also been keen to hear your thoughts on what size machinery you think will be using into the future.

To encourage participation in the survey, we are giving one lucky survey participant the chance to win 100 liters of fuel, generously donated by AgForce sponsor, IOR Petroleum.

Your responses will remain anonymous and will assist AgForce Grains to better understand your transport needs. Key information includes the size, frequency, distance and location of these movements. We also want your views on how the 'zones' are structured – it’s likely there will be different dimensions allowed for different areas. We want to ensure these are practical and risk-based, not arbitrary and ‘lines on maps’.

The survey will take you around 25 minutes to complete and must be completed in one sitting. The survey will remain open until Wednesday 14 June 2017.

Key definitions:
An “agricultural combination” means a combination that includes at least one agricultural
vehicle. This does not include the carrying of an agricultural vehicle as an indivisible load
upon a non-agricultural vehicle or combination.

An “agricultural implement” means a vehicle without its own motive power, built to perform
agricultural tasks, e.g. augers, conveyors, empty field bins, harvester fronts.

An “agricultural machine” means a machine with its own motive power, built to perform
agricultural tasks, e.g. tractors and harvesters.

An “agricultural vehicle” means an agricultural implement or an agricultural machine and
includes any load upon the vehicle.

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