The purpose of this survey is to collect and categorize information about how goat breeders are (or are not) supplementing their goats with selenium, as well as the incidence of selenium deficiency and toxicity. The results will be published on, as well as in the next edition of the book, Raising Goats Naturally. If you have any questions about this survey, you can contact

* 1. Have your goats ever exhibited any of the following symptoms of selenium deficiency? (Check all that apply.)

* 2. Have you ever had a goat die of selenium deficiency?

* 3. Have you ever had a goat die of selenium toxicity?

* 4. Do you provide a loose mineral, free-choice for your goats?

* 5. Have you supplemented your goats with any of the following in the past year?

* 6. If you use BoSe, how often do you treat?

* 7. If you use MultiMin, how often do you treat?

* 8. If you use Replamin or Replamin Plus, how often do you treat?

* 9. If you use a selenium gel or paste, how often do you treat?

* 10. If you use an herbal selenium supplement, how often do you treat?

* 11. What breed(s) of goats do you own?

* 12. How many adult goats do you own? (Do not include goats under one year of age.)

* 13. How long have you owned this herd of goats? (If you owned goats for a number of years in the 1990s and sold them, then started again five years ago, the answer would be 2 to 5 years.)

* 14. If you have any additional comments, please type them in the box below. Also, if you are willing to be contacted to further discuss your answers, type your email address below. (If you do not do provide your email address, your responses are anonymous.)