* 1. Number of employees in your organisation

* 2. Does your organisation allow use of social media at work?

* 3. Has the use of social media by employees ever caused you any concern?

* 4. Does your organisation have an 'employee use of social media policy'

* 5. If you answered yes to question 4 , are you confident that employees understand the policy?

* 6. If you answered No to question 4 please say why you do not have a policy

* 7. Would your organisation be interested in purchasing a short video that clearly explains and simplifies policy on employee use of social media?

* 8. If the answer to question 7 was 'yes' which of the following would you prefer...

* 9. Regarding your choice of video how much would you expect to pay ?

* 10. Thank you for your responses. If you would like more information with regards to social media use by employees, or the policy video, please get in touch with Jane on 01524 752723 or add your details below

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