Washington Circuit Lutheran High School: Genesis Parent Climate and Culture Survey

Lutheran School Parent Climate and Culture Survey

1.What school does your child attend?
2.What grade level is your child? (check all that apply)
3.If other children in your family attend or have attended a different Lutheran School, please enter the city/state where they attended.
4.What initially brought you to enroll your child(ren) at this Lutheran school? (Please mark all that apply)
5.Do you feel your initial expectations have been met?
6.When your child(ren) first enrolled, how would you rate our efforts in providing information and assistance to help your family become a part of the school family?
Student Involvement
Rank your responses from 1-5, with 1=Strongly agree and 5= Strongly disagree
7.My child participates in activities outside the classroom (clubs, sports, performing arts, etc)
8.I feel like my child is interested and involved at School.
9.When he/she gets involved in activities, I feel my child is welcomed and included by others.
Parent Engagement
10.I feel comfortable using the parent portals used by the school.
11.I am informed about school activities like chapel, athletic events, concerts, parent workshops, and other events.
12.I have been invited to get involved in my child's school.
13.I feel a part of the Lutheran School community.
14.I feel welcomed at this Lutheran School's activities and events as well as when I visit the campus.
Spiritual Enrichment
15.It is important to me that my child's school holds my child(ren) responsible for their Christian character and behavior.
16.The Lutheran school is consistent with student discipline and provides character formation for my child(ren).
17.I find teachers view my child as fearfully and wonderfully made by God, and treat him/her as such.
18.The feedback provided to my child by teachers is positive, balanced with grace and accountability, and encourages his/her success
19.Teachers compassionately give me honest and useful information about how to help my child reach his/her fullest God-given potential.
20.I believe my child receives excellent, Christ-centered biblical worldview instruction.
21.I am comfortable with the steps this school takes to help my child grow in Christian character, spiritual growth and respect.
Christian Hospitality
22.I feel my child is welcomed and included as apart of the school by staff, teachers and students.
23.I feel my child is safe and secure while at school.
24.I feel the school's administration is available and displays wise, knowledgeable, and humble leadership.
25.There is an overall spirit of Christian warmth and hospitality displayed on my campus.
26.On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being not at all satisfied and 10 being extremely satisfied, please rate your overall satisfaction with your family's experience at with the school.
27.On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being not recommend at all and 10 being absolutely recommend, please rate your overall likelihood to recommend the school to other families. 
28.On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being not at all and 10 being absolutely, how willing are you to support the school by giving of your time, talent, and treasure?
29.Any additional comments, suggestions, concerns, or appreciation that you would like to express?
Current Progress,
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