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After reading the following description of a proposed new offering for Pearson please answer the following questions:

When looking to hire the best students coming out of Universities, for full-time positions or even internships, various factors come into play. One criteria is G.P.A. which reflects a student’s capabilities with accounting coursework, but another important criteria to the hiring decision - soft skills, is not necessarily reflected in a student’s G.P.A. Some examples of soft skills (we recognize that our list is not all inclusive) are:
***Ability to work in a team environment
***Critical thinking
***Problem solving
***Communication (written and verbal)
***Time management

Companies want students who are not only bright but who possess the soft skills necessary to succeed in the workplace environment.....

We are proposing a new program that will enable students to complete an online assessment of their soft skills which will result in a score that can be used to help differentiate potential hiring candidates.

In order for this system to be successful we need your help, so please answer the following questions:

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* 1. How important are assessing soft skills to your hiring decision?

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* 2. Which soft skills would you be most interested in receiving data about?

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* 3. Do you already employ some kind of soft skill assessment in your hiring practice?

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* 4. Would you trust a 3rd party to implement soft skill testing and scoring?