Friday, August 4, 2:00PM - 4:00PM

We will provide you with a table to meet the Buffalo Area Garden Loving Public! Registration will be first come, first serve. Talking Leaves, Buffalo's oldest independent book store, will be on-site selling books. You can either bring your own books, or use Talking Leaves Bookstore Services (for an extra fee which will handle shipping and sales).

Talking Leaves will display all of the books that they are selling. Talking Leaves will make arrangements ahead of time to get the books from the publishers (or authors if they self-publish). They will bring all of the books to the Convention Center and set up. For customers who buy books at the event and do not want to carry them home on the plane, Talking Leaves can ship their purchases to their home. Talking Leaves will pack up and take care of any unsold books. Talking Leaves keeps 40% of the retail price of the book and the author will get 60%.

If you would like to attend Meet the Authors, not as an author, registration is not required. 

Must be registered for the full conference to sign up
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