We want to be the best school for you!

Please answer all of the questions about your teacher and CCI-LEX.

* 1. My teacher explains well and gives clear examples.

* 2. My teacher is prepared and organized.

* 3. My teacher speaks clearly and loudly.

* 4. My teacher corrects my mistakes.

* 5. My teacher gives and returns my homework on time.

* 6. My teacher tells me about my good work.

* 7. My teacher challenges me and encourages me to study more intensively.

* 8. I practice speaking in my class.

* 9. I practice listening in my class.

* 10. I practice reading in my class.

* 11. I practice writing in my class.

* 12. I have enough opportunity to speak and ask my teacher questions in this class.

* 13. Is your class fast or slow?

* 14. I am satisfied (happy) in my English class.

* 15. The teacher is good at helping me learn because...

* 16. In the future, to help me learn more, the teacher should...

* 17. What can you say about CCI-LEX?