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Connected Candidates - being able to connect with election candidates
Real Representation - councillors being able to reach out to constituents
Social Council Meetings - people being involved in debates that affect them
Social Decision Making - people being involved in local policy making
Community Campaigns - people talking together about issues of concern
Community News - journalists and bloggers knowing local political stories
Democracy Alerts - people being being kept informed about decisions that affect them
Open Democracy Data - the data of local democracy being seen, used and shared
Young People - the voters of tomorrow having a voice in local democracy
Inclusive Democracy - giving everyone a fair chance to participate in democracy
Democracy Clubs - democracy enthusiasts working together so they can help each other
Uncontested Elections - encouraging more people to stand so we have lively, contested elections
Voter Information - getting the facts and figures we need to make an informed choice
Digestible Democracy - presenting local decisions in a popular, easy-to-use format
Understanding How It Works - making local government understandable for ordinary people
Agenda Setting - involving people in setting policy topics that are relevant to them
Access to Voting - making voting simple so that everyone can easily have their say
Candidate Diversity - having a greater diversity of candidates, to reflect the whole community
Access to Decision Makers - real contact between people making decisions and people affected by them

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