The Y-LinK Professional Development Committee is considering a mentoring program to support and retain talent in the Kenosha area. We need your input in order to develop our pilot program. Please complete the brief survey to share your thoughts.

* 1. If you were to participate in a young professional mentor program, what is the ideal duration of the program?

* 2. Would you prefer to participate in a group mentor program (1 mentor : 4 mentee ratio, as one example) or an individual mentor program (1:1 ratio)?

* 3. As a participant of a young professional mentor program, how frequently would you like to meet with your group or individual?

* 4. Please indicate what you are interested in:

* 5. What mentoring content interests you? Select all that apply.

* 6. What industry group would your ideal mentor/mentee be involved in?

* 7. What aspects of mentoring interests you? Select all that apply.

* 8. If you are interested in more information about a young professional mentor program established by Y-Link, please submit the following information: