1. Introduction

As a first step in the documentation of the effects of the 1977 Women & Religion Resolution, we invite you to share your reflections by completing this survey. Unless you indicate otherwise, your comments may be included in the worship service we are preparing for GA 2007. Thank you for contributing to this project—and for the work you have done to implement the Women & Religion Resolution.

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For more information or to complete this survey in another format, please contact Dorothy Emerson at RevEmerson@aol.com or 781-483-3133.

* 1. When and where did you first hear about the W&R resolution? What was your initial response?

* 2. For those who were present at GA 1977—
a. When did you first hear that there was a W&R resolution in the works?
b. What were your initial thoughts?
c. What role did you play in promoting the resolution—or not?

* 3. What W&R conferences or other activities did you attend? Describe the gatherings and your role in W&R, either at the district level or on the continental W&R Committee.

* 4. How have you participated in W&R since the UUA “sunsetted” the W&R Committee in 1996?

* 5. When did you first learn about Women & Religion?

* 6. How active have you been in W&R?

* 7. Where are you located?

* 8. What is your overall evaluation of the Women & Religion movment? What have we accomplished? What do we need to focus on now?

* 9. What is the importance of W&R today?