Short-Term Trip Evaluation Form

It was great to have you join our recent short-term team trip, and we trust you will get the opportunity to reflect on your time away.

We would encourage you to spend some time in prayer asking God how you can grow from this experience.

Talk to your friends, family, Pastor or a member of your church’s Missions Committee about the things God has done in your heart.

There will inevitably be many times when you remember your trip, and perhaps wish that there was more you could do. The needs of the people you met are still great, but the good news is that you can continue to serve and support them either by making a return trip, supporting a project or praying for them. You can keep in touch by subscribing to our ‘motivate’ e-bulletin or liking our MVNewZealand Facebook page.

Missionary Ventures was established as a servant organisation to encourage, facilitate and enable your participation in serving indigenous missions. Please take a moment to evaluate your trip below, and consider how you could be a part of the on-going work of God through Missionary Ventures.

Thank you!

* 1. Your details

* 2. Did you feel you were adequately prepared for what you encountered on this mission trip? Please use the comment boxes to explain your answer.

  Yes Partly No
Team Unity

* 3. What area of training was most helpful?

* 4. In what other areas would you have liked more training?

* 5. What do you wish you had been taught beforehand?

* 6. What did you enjoy the most about your trip?

* 7. What did you enjoy least about your trip?

* 8. Do you have any constructive suggestions that may help improve future mission trips?

* 9. Would you like to come on a team trip with us again sometime, or consider longer-term service overseas?