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COVID-19 Mental Health toolkit: managing adolescents in crisis

Objective: Primary care pediatric providers are under-resourced in training and staffing to manage BH crises. Despite numerous limitations, pediatricians, family physicians, and nurse practitioners are trying to support patients in outpatient settings as they wait for psychiatric help. PCPs need guidance on how to effectively manage patients in crisis in outpatient settings whenever possible, as the demand for coordination and interim treatment continues to rise.

One of WCAAP’s group member clinics has implemented a crisis management tool for PCP’s that has been well received and is helping PCPs in meaningful ways during today’s BH crisis for kids.  WCAAP will be adapting and supplementing this tool for use with our members We will share the crisis management toolkit and support primary care practices skills and ability to implement these strategies via training and support sessions over six weeks, to provide PCPs the guidance and tools they need for effectively managing patients’ mental health crises.

Request: We are seeking 1-3 primary care providers to (1) oversee the development of the "COVID-19 Mental Health toolkit: managing adolescents in crisis”, and (2) lead four training sessions, in partnership with a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

Timeline: We are aiming to start the toolkit development and writing in June and host the trainings in July and August. We estimate involvement would be approximately 10 hours per month, depending on the number of facilitators.

Compensation: Facilitators will be compensated at $150/hr. via a stipend matching their level of effort and availability.

Please contact Tatiana Sarkhosh at with any questions.

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