About this survey

What Ho, What Ho!

I'm conducting some personal research to better understand the people who read and enjoy the works of P.G. Wodehouse. I'd be chuffed if you'd assist me in this project by completing two surveys (10 questions each):
1. Who reads P.G. Wodehouse's in the 21st Century?
2. Who do you identify with in Wodehouse's world?

I'll be sharing the results with other Wodehouse readers in various formats via the usual online Wodehouse communities and my Wordpress blog, 'Plumtopia'. For more information, please go to: http://honoriaplum.wordpress.com/

Please note: Any comments you provide here may be quoted and shared. If you'd like to be attributed by name, please include your name with your comment. You're welcome to skip any questions you don't wish to answer. I've aimed to make it as much fun as possible and hope you enjoy it.

Thanks again for contributing, old bean!