YWCA Adelaide Bystander Video Project

Please share your experience of bystander activity here. This may include: 

  • Being an active bystander yourself (intervening or assisting in an instance of violence or discrimination)
  • observing something happening but being unsure of what to do/watching the way other people responded or didn't respond
  • having someone else step in when you were experiencing harassment/violence/discrimination
  • challenging a friend about a sexist/racist joke or innuendo etc. 
  • Talking to a mate about their views of women etc. 

We are looking for a wide variety of stories, specifically related to the broader issue of violence against women.  This therefore includes instances of sexism, but also includes racism, homophobia, transphobia, religious discrimination and others. 

Stories shared may be included in our film project. We will contact you to keep you updated about this. Please do not share any stories that you are not happy to be included in this project. You can remain anonymous - your safety and privacy are very important to us so we will respect your requests accordingly. 

If you have any questions please email us at bystander@ywca.com.au.

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* 3. Gender identity (if relevant to the experience)

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* 4. Would you be happy to be involved in the film?

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