* 1. What does the PPCC Writing Center do?

* 2. What are your expectations from a session with a writing tutor?

* 3. What are the TOP THREE reasons that you use the Writing Center? (Most Frequent, 2nd Most Frequent, 3rd Most Frequent)

  Most Frequent 2nd Most Frequent 3rd Most Frequent
Understanding the assignment
Critical reading
Critical thinking
Thesis statement
Content development
Research strategies
Study skills
Grammar and mechanics
Formatting and citation

* 4. To get the most effective assistance, I should use the Writing Center . . .

  Once a week 1-2 times per week 3 or more times per week
this many times per week

* 5. Please rate your usual writing center sessions as they relate to the following statements:

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree
The tutors usually really listen to me.
The tutors are usually receptive to what I say.
The tutors usually talk more than I do.
The tutors usually encourage me to speak and to ask questions.
The tutors frequently ask me what I think.

* 6. What could the tutor do to more effectively listen to you?

* 7. Which of PPCC Writing Center’s services, available at ppcc.edu/writingcenter, are you familiar with and/or have used? Please check all that apply.

  Am Familiar With Have used
Email appointment requests
Tutoring by email
Tutoring via Skype
YouTube & workshops
Sample MLA, APA, and Chicago manuscript guides
Handouts and worksheets
Links to other Online Resources for citation, grammar, research, etc.

* 8. The PPCC Writing Center offers email and Skype tutoring in addition to face-to-face tutoring. What would it take for you to use online tutoring?

* 9. If you have used online tutoring, please describe what works for you and how we could better serve you through online tutoring.

* 10. Overall, what could we do to serve you better at the PPCC Writing Center?