1. Women's Foundation of Palm Beach County - Women's Resource Guide

Dear Friend,

Over the last year, leading community members have been working to create the Women’s Foundation of Palm Beach County (WFPBC). Through their efforts, Palm Beach County will join over one hundred counties in nearly every state in providing resources directed at benefitting women and girls. In the U.S., Women’s Foundations began organizing during the 1980s and today they are a powerful force for philanthropy and change.

The Women’s Foundation of Palm Beach County is similar to other women’s foundations in that it will build a community that prioritizes women’s and girls’ equality. The WFPBC will vary, however, in that we will direct our efforts towards the issues confronting women and girls living in Palm Beach County.

To accomplish these goals, we need your input by helping us better understand the needs of women and girls in our community. Thank you for taking time to answer the following questions.