1. TLA Opening Survey Spring 2010

Because we are a self-study group, it is traditional to begin each quarter with a survey relevant to our year’s BIG question.

Note: The survey responses will be used to get to know each other at the first dialogue groups, to develop an agenda for this quarter, and to form mini-dialogue groups.

* 1. Name:

* 2. TLA Group:

* 3. Position:

* 4. In the fall, TLA participants developed our overarching question for the year:

What do WE mean by a sustainable, reflective learning culture? And how might we use that shared understanding to strengthen connections:

- between existing resources and members of the campus community to provide individualized guidance and co-mentoring?
- between the lived experiences of teachers and learners outside of the classroom and what is happening in the classroom to provide engaging learning experiences?
- across borders within WWU and between WWU and external communities to provide interdisciplinary/ community-based learning experiences?

Which strand of the big question are you most interested in advancing this quarter?

* 5. What is something INDIVIDUALS (including you) might do to sustain a reflective learning culture (and bridge those gaps) at Western? For our purposes, a reflective learning culture is a place where slowing down to rethink/revisit/revise/recreate our thinking and make connections is valued.

* 6. What is something the UNIVERSITY might do to sustain a reflective learning culture (and bridge those gaps) at Western?

* 7. TLA ACADEMY AWARDS: Every year, members of the TLA nominate individuals and groups who embody one or more of the features of the BIG question we have been studying all year. At the June 2 awards reception, we will honor these individuals and groups with special awards.

This year we wish to recognize individuals or groups who work to sustain a reflective learning culture and build connections.

Our goal is to recognize widely, and everyone who is nominated with an appropriate rationale statement will receive an award, so please help us identify as many deserving people as possible.

Which individuals or groups (inside OR outside of the TLA) would you nominate to receive academy awards for their contributions to sustaining a reflective learning culture and building connections?

For each nomination: Please include the name of the individual or the name of a contact person for a group, e-mail address, AND a brief rationale (sentence saying why they should receive an award). ONLY nominations with an appropriate rationale will be accepted.