For the 2012/13 academic year, CEOP will be running a series of regional Youth Advisory Panels (YAP) and we are currently inviting applications from schools and/or youth groups to participate in this process.

We are keen to engage with even more children from around the UK and we would really appreciate any help in doing this.

The main aim of the Youth Advisory programme is to: Create an environment where children and young people can express their views and exchange knowledge and experience concerning their use of new online technologies and contribute to the design of awareness raising actions, tools and materials.

We will be doing this by visiting a school or youth organisation in the same area where we’ll be running our Thinkuknow Introduction and Ambassador training courses. We will conduct a regional YAP in the morning with young people from that school or youth group, ahead of running a Thinkuknow Introduction awareness raising course in the afternoon in a central location in the following cities:

Cardiff - 24/04/2013
London - 22/05/2013
Nottingham - 19/06/2013
Newcastle - 10/07/2013
Glasgow - 21/08/2013
Belfast - 16/10/2013
Norwich - 13/11/2013
London - 04/12/2013
Bristol - 22/01/2014

We are looking for a school or organisation interested in hosting the YAP in the morning. If you feel that your school/organisation would be appropriate, please fill out the application form below and we will be in touch with any queries.

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* 5. What age range does your school/organisation cover?

* 6. What type of school/organisation do you teach in?

* 7. Would you be able to provide us with a selection of young people to participate in a Youth Advisory Panel? (Please note: you can either select a particular class, or create a group of different skills/ages etc. for CEOP to work with)

* 8. In order to help us select an appropriate place to visit, please briefly describe why you feel your school/organisation should be selected to hold a Youth Advisory Panel session:

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