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Survey on Registration for Home Education in South Africa

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Dear Participant

We would like to use the information you provide in this survey to allow us to develop a series of research reports concerning registration for home education.

LearnFree has been commissioned by the Pestalozzi Trust to conduct this research. The Pestalozzi Trust is a leading home education organisation that has supported and commissioned research on home education for more than twenty years. The research is being led by Christopher Cordeiro, Lead Researcher at LearnFree. LearnFree has produced a number of reports on home education that have been presented to government, home education stakeholders and the general public. There is very little research into home education registration in South Africa and we ask you to assist us to provide information concerning this aspect of home education. This survey examines the reasons why home educators do not register as well as the experience of those who attempt to register.

Is my participation voluntary?
Participation in this study is voluntary. Your decision whether to participate or not will not affect your current or future relations with either the researchers or the Pestalozzi Trust. You may abandon the survey at any stage.

Will anyone be able to identify me?
This study is anonymous and no data will be collected or stored that can identify you or your family. Care has been taken when designing the survey to ensure that no individual can be identified from the responses.

How long will it take?
During testing the survey has been completed in less than 5 minutes. It may take slightly longer if you provide extensive answers if you answer "Other" and you are asked to provide further information. Not every "Other" question has this option. There are very few free-form "Other questions.

Who will the research results be shared with?
The data collected in this survey will be presented to government, home education organisations, political parties, the general public and the media to increase understanding of home education. We do not, at this stage, envisage presenting this data in a research paper for publication in an accredited academic journal. However, we may do so and by agreeing to participate you agree to all of the above-mentioned  uses.

What risks might you experience from participating in this study?
We could identify no special risks to you. The risks are those of everyday life and normally attendant on completing an on-line survey of this type.

Participants will not be compensated for participating in this study.

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You will not be asked every question in the survey. The artificial intelligence will stream you to questions based on your answers. For example, if you live in Gauteng you will only be asked which Gauteng municipality you live in and not about municipalities in other provinces. You will only answer a sub-set of the 32 questions asked. 

You can only complete the survey once.

Should you have any questions about the survey you can contact Christopher Cordeiro at research@learnfree.co.za

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I have read and understood the above and give my permission to Christopher Cordeiro to use the data I provide in this survey in his research. 

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