Goshen Medical Center - Patient Satisfaction Survey

Please answer all questions based on most recent visit or most recent call to Goshen.

* 2. When you contacted Goshen, Were you able to get an appointment as needed?

* 3. If you called Goshen with a question, what was the response time back to you with an answer?

* 4. Did you see a Goshen Medical Provider within 15 minutes, after completing check-in at the front desk? 

* 5. If you experienced any delays or changes affecting your wait time; did Goshen staff keep you informed?

* 6. Were Goshen staff; courteous, professional, and helpful to you?

  Yes No N/A
Receptionists and clerks
Nurses and clinical staff
Medical Providers- Doctor, Dentist, Physician Assistant, Family Nurse Practitioner

* 7. Did the Goshen Provider (Doctor, NP, PA, Dentist, Hygienist)

  Yes No N/A
Listen carefully to your concerns
Provide you with information about care
Answer any questions

* 8. Would you recommend our practice to a family member or friend?

* 9. Any additional comments that would help us improve?

* 10. Do you want a call regarding this survey?