1. Questionnaire for IWC users

This survey is part of a larger study to create a framework for environment education in an online Community of Practice. The study is being done with the sponsorship of Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR).
All information collected here would be solely used for the above study on behalf of ICSSR and would not be used for ANY OTHER purpose.

Question Title

1. Please rate each of the following questions according to your general understanding

  not at all somewhat agree agree strongly agree Agree completely can’t say
Will people seek to adapt their behavior in response to environmental change, especially rapid environmental change?
Do you wait for a radical environment change to happen before changing your behavior towards environmental problems?
People get concerned but do not know what to do
People do not want to be reminded of rapid environmental changes

Question Title

2. Please answer the following questions based on your experience at IndianWildlifeClub.com

  not at all somewhat agree agree strongly agree Agree completely can’t say
Learning in a community or a club is less stressful
IndianwildlifeClub.com (IWC) can be called a Community of Practice
IWC is an informative website (Information regarding environmental topics through photos, videos,Ezine,Quiz)
IWC is an interactive website (Interactive features like online chat, trip reports, comments, blogs)
Among other environmental sites I visit, I rate IWC as more geared to the non-expert
The features of IWC are India centric and local issues are given prominence