Kalorama and Dupont Circle "Villages"

The Kalorama and Dupont Circle communities are actively exploring ways to help our older residents live more independent lives and stay in our neighborhoods. Kalorama Village, Inc., has already been formed as a tax-exempt, non-profit, membership organization and is working with Dupont Circle residents to pursue this initiative. Your response to this brief survey will help us understand the needs of our neighbors. Even if you have no current need for the services that a "Village" might offer, please consider whether you may be interested in the future.

* 1. Would you (or a family member or friend) be interested in the following types of services in your home?

  Very Interested Somewhat interested Not Interested No Opinion
Referrals to medical professionals
In-home health caregivers (companions or nursing aides)
Home medical equipment
General advice on healthcare options
Financial advice/accounting/tax-preparation services
Handyman/basic home maintenance
Plumbing/electrical/HVAC services
Household painting
Cleaning/housekeeper services
Computer assistance
Meal preparation
Assistance with pets
Personal shopping/concierge services

* 2. How interested would you be if our "Village" sponsored the following kinds of events?

  Very Interested Somewhat Interested Not Interested No Opinion
Educational seminars
Book clubs/discussion groups
Exercise/healthy living programs
Cultural events (museums, concerts, theater, etc.)
Dinners/social gatherings

* 3. Our Village would be open to all residents in the community who are 50 or older. While some services are likely to be of greater interest to older residents, others may be of equal interest to all of our potential members. Younger members may also want to support the initiative to ensure that it is available when they need it in the future. Assuming that we establish a menu of services that provide good value in exchange for a reasonable membership fee, how likely are you to sign up for membership?

* 4. How many people aged 50 or older live in your household?

  One Two Three Four or more
Age 50 to 59
Age 60 to 69
Age 70 to 79
Age 80 or older

* 5. Where do you live?

* 6. I would be interested in using the Village's services for:
(check all that apply)

* 7. Would you be interested in volunteering to help make our Village a strong community resource? (If so, please be sure to provide your contact information below.)

* 8. If you would like to receive future updates about our Village, please provide us with your contact information. This information will only be used in support of our mission.

* 9. How did you hear about Kalorama Village and this survey? (check all that apply)