Between March and July 2008 the first season of "Just Plain Sense" presented 38 episodes covering a wide variety of Equality and Diversity topics from contemporary Britain. Now I am considering whether to run a second season and, if so, what content to focus upon. Completing this survey will help me to decide how to make the Podcast more relevant and interesting to you, the listeners -- so please let me know what you think

1. Whereabouts in the world do you live?

2. Which way do you most prefer to access the recorded content in Just Plain Sense?

3. How many episodes of Just Plain Sense do you listen to?

4. How do you feel comparatively about each type of content in the list below? (Use N/A if you don't have a view)

  Not for me I'm neutral I'm really interested N/A
One to one interviews
News summaries
Conference speeches
Opinion / feature items

5. How do you feel about the themes comparatively?

  Not for me I'm neutral I'm really interested N/A
Equality affecting men or women in general
Black or Minority Ethnic (BME) topics
Disability isues
Episodes with an LGB theme
Episodes with a transgender theme
Human Rights
Equality best practice or implementation

6. What other types of content would you like to hear in a second season?

7. How do you feel about the length of the items in season one? (Use N/A if you don't have a view)

  Too short About right Too long N/A
Conference recordings
News Items
Opinion / Editorial items

8. This is the opportunity to give me advice. How can I best improve Just Plain Sense to make it better if I produce a second season?