USITT/TSDCA Sound Documentation Recommendations

USITT/TSDCA is presenting a new set of recommendations for sound documentation. The new recommendations can be found HERE. There will be a public comment period beginning April 23rd, 2020. It will last for 60 days (the last day to submit comments is June 15th, 2020). This form is the comment mechanism. The working group that prepared this document is asking readers to vote and comment on these recommendations. Readers will vote to either:
APPROVE the draft recommendations as-is, 

APPROVE the draft recommendations with comment,

REJECT the draft recommendations with comment,


ABSTAIN from voting but submit comment

If you select an option "with comment", you will be required to enter at least one comment.

Please read the recommendations, and fill out the below survey.

Thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful consideration!

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Question Title

* Do you approve these recommendations as the new official USITT/TSDCA sound documentation recommendations?