Program Overview

The temporary outdoor dining area expansion program authorizes temporary site plan modifications to permit the establishment of or expansion of outdoor service areas for the 2023 outdoor seating season through November 15, 2023, under the following conditions:
  1. Capacity added by the modified site plan may not exceed either a) the current capacity limits of any approved site plan or b) under any Pandemic Order or Emergency Order issued by public health officials.
  2. The restaurant must seek and be granted approval of a right-of-way license to use any public or private property that is not currently on or a part of its site.
  3. If the proposed expansion is in a parking area the number of required parking spaces provided on that site shall be reduced by no more than 25%.
  4. If alcohol is to be served in the added service area the restaurant must be in compliance with MLCC licensing and regulations.
  5. The use of outdoor heating elements must be in compliance with the Fire Code and any other applicable codes.
  6. The modified site plan reverts to the current approved or modified site plan unless otherwise approved by City Council upon the expiration of Policy Resolution 2023-04.
  7. The application for a modified site plan pursuant to this resolution must be in compliance with the City Code.
  8. The $250 Site Plan modification application fee shall be temporarily waived until November 15, 2023, or until such time that Council determine it is appropriate to reinstate fees for such purposes.
  9. Approval of a temporary expansion of outdoor seating area may be revoked at any time for violations of City Code
Be prepared in advanced for application attachment requirements!
  • Site Plan Drawings (required): The drawing should include detailed dimensions and be at a scale of not less than 1” equals 20’. It must show the businesses adjacent to the space in question, the doorways, trees, trash receptacles, signs, utility poles, parking meters and other public and private amenities that are within twenty feet of the space to be used. If a fence is to be used to enclose the space, a drawing of the fence showing the height, material, design and method of fastening must also be included. Applicants will be required to resubmit the drawing if it is not complete which will delay the review of the Right-of-Way Application.
  • Proof of Current Liability Insurance (if applicable):Proof of current liability insurance is only required for applicants requesting the use of the public right-of-way (City property) for expanded outdoor seating areas. The City of East Lansing must be listed as the certificate holder on the proof of liability insurance and only needs to be listed as an additional insured if the expansion is on City property.
  • Legal Lease Agreement (if applicable): This is a formal legal agreement between the adjacent, private property owner and the business owner submitting a temporary expansion of restaurant service to outdoor areas onto adjacent, private property. The legal lease agreement must be signed and notarized.
Michigan Liquor Control Commission
Please reference MLCC’s Reopening Frequently Asked Questions document for  information on complying with MLCC licensing and regulatory requirements.

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