We are interested in your opinion on what actions our region should take to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

The Towns of Chesterfield, Cummington, Goshen, and Worthington are collaborating with the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC), residents, and stakeholders on strategies to reduce vulnerability and adapt to our changing climate through the State’s Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) program. Your responses to this survey will help your town take action on the climate adaptation projects and programs that are most important to you!

We're asking for your feedback on which climate adaptations should happen first in your community. A poster with the same questions is also up in your town's post office, but we realize that an online survey may be preferable based on COVID-19 response guidelines.

First, please answer two short questions about yourself. 

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* 1. Which town do you live in?

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* 2. What is your age?

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* 3. In February, 2020, the towns and PVPC held a series of Community Resilience Building workshops where key stakeholders from the four towns and broader region discussed climate vulnerabilities and identified approximately 75 actions that the towns, in collaboration with neighboring municipalities, local and regional partners and state agencies, should take to improve resilience to climate change impacts. At the end of the workshops, participants selected their highest priority regional actions from the suite of actions developed during the workshop. These regional actions are presented here in no specific order.

Rank the following priority projects to indicate what our region should do FIRST to address climate resilience?

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey! For questions about the MVP planning grant, please contact your town's Select Board.