At the request of Governor Greg Abbott, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) is leading an inter-agency Hurricane Harvey Task Force on School Mental Health Supports. The role of the Task Force is to help identify, mobilize, coordinate, and connect resources to aid local education agencies in addressing mental and behavioral health needs for both students and staff at affected schools.

The purpose of this survey is to seek insight from school staff, teachers, administrators, and those with knowledge about the current mental and behavioral health needs and challenges faced by students and school staff post-Harvey. The Task Force will use the information to identify and prioritize mental and behavioral health needs of impacted schools, and spur local coordination to link schools with resources to address identified needs. 

Understanding the landscape of post-Harvey mental and behavioral health needs is time sensitive. Based on outcomes following similar events, mental and behavioral health needs are likely to increase between 60 to 90 days after the storm. Experts expect that mental and behavioral health needs of students and staff will persist long after the immediate needs of the storm have subsided. Additional information on post-disaster mental and behavioral health challenges is available here.

Thank you in advance for your responses to support Texas students, staff and schools. Completion of this survey is voluntary. Additional information on this effort and resources that have been identified to support your school community with mental and behavioral health are provided at the end of the survey.