Consortium Testing

As the demand for online testing increases, we want to stay ahead of the curve and offer you the most cost and time efficient options available. IPMA-HR is considering the development of consortium testing and would like your feedback on the process.

Consortium testing is, in essence, a centralized test center located within a region that can administer IPMA-HR tests to large groups. The results are then offered to several departments for review. The advantage of a consortium is twofold: candidates only need to take one test, and departments find cost savingswhile still maintaining high standards in finding the right people for open positions.

The following is a short survey designed to determine your interest in consortium testing.

* 1. Would your agency be interested in consortium testing?

* 2. If yes, which tests would you be interested in administering in a consortium setting (choose all that apply)?

* 3. If your agency is interested in learning more about consortium testing for use in your agency please complete the following contact information and we will be in touch with additional information.

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