Alex Angelo House Concert

Fill out this form to see if an Alex Angelo House Concert could be right for you!  PLEASE BE OVER 18 to FILL OUT THIS FORM.  If you are a Fangelo under the age of 18, and want to host an ALEX ANGELO HOUSE CONCERT- that is AWESOME!   Just make sure that your parents fill out this form!  Thank you!

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* 9. Tell us about where you would like to host this House Concert. (BE as descriptive as possible about your space!  Is it a basement?   Community center?  Where will we set up? 

* 10. How many (paid) people do you think you could realistically have at your Alex Angelo House Concert? Remember-  you need to have 30 tickets SOLD by 7 days from your event, or your event will be cancelled. 

* 11. Would you be ok with strangers coming to your Alex Angelo House Concert? 

* 12. How would you promote your Alex Angelo House Concert to get people there?

* 13. Anything else you would like us to know?   Thanks!