Welcome to the online survey for men who have sex with men and transgender people who have experience with slamming. (Slamming means  injecting drugs before or during sex.) The survey is also for ex-slammers who have stopped slamming since 2018.

"Slamming in the Netherlands, an update!" is Mainline's follow-up of our 2015 study of "Tina and slamming; MSM, crystal meth use and injecting drugs in a sexual setting” (Tina and Slamming).
This follow-up study focuses specifically on men who (at times) have sex with men, and transgender people who have experience with slamming. Mainline's follow-up research focuses on user experiences and possible health issues of (ex-) slammers.
What is the added value? Which health issues can play a role? Which information provision works and which not? How can the support for (ex-) slammers be improved?
In addition to the online survey, Mainline will conduct European literature survey next to interviewing 25 (ex-) slammers.  Would you like to be interviewed, mail to: chemsex@mainline.nl Participation is reimbursed with a voucher of 25 euros.
The questionnaire was developed during the period when corona (covid-19) hit our society. The resulting lock-down had a major impact on everyday life and probably also on chemsex. The questionnaire includes some questions on the possible influence of corona on the usage of chems and sex patterns. 
It takes over 15 minutes to complete the survey.  All information provided is processed anonymously. You can withdraw from the study at any time. Even after participation. A voucher will be raffled among the online survey participants. Do you want to participate in the raffle or are you interested in being interviewed? Send an email to chemsex@mainline.nl Interview candidates receive a voucher. 
For questions or more information, mail to Leon Knoops and Sjef Pelsser: chemsex@mainline.nl 
Follow this link for more information on Mainline and Chemsex

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