Nominate an innovative Native-led organization, program, and project that focuses on health, food systems, food access, nutrition, and health equity. 

The Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative (IFAI) is working with Echo Hawk Consulting/IllumiNative to develop an equitable online platform for funders that showcases innovative health, nutrition, and food systems work happening in Indian Country. As part of that work, we have created a survey and nomination form where interested individuals can submit the names of tribes, Native-led innovative organizations, projects, and programs that are working to improve the health of their people and communities.

We are also interested in learning more about outstanding Native researchers, evaluators, content experts, and/or consultants who are partnering with organizations and helping to advance work in the fields of food systems, nutrition and health equity in Indian Country. The goal of the project is to make the ecosystem of important work and opportunities for impact in Indian Country visible to philanthropy in order to help increase funder education and investment in Native-led work. The online tool will be published at the end of 2019 and will be housed with IFAI.

We would like your input to ensure that we are able to showcase the greatest diversity of innovative and important work across Indian Country in the fields of food, nutrition and health. You may nominate as many organizations and entities, as you desire, and if you want to recommend your own program, please do!

The deadline for nominations is June 30th!

Participation in this survey process is voluntary, and there are no risks to completing the survey. Refusal to participate will not involve any penalty or loss of benefits. Participation in the survey and the online platform does not guarantee funding from any entity nor does it guarantee inclusion in the platform.