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Thank you for reading the Oregon Health Authority's (OHA) Climate and Health in Oregon 2020 report.

This survey is a way for you to provide feedback on the report.

Your comments will help to ensure that Oregon’s work on climate change and public health addresses issues that community partners care about. Feedback will help to inform an update to OHA's 2017 Climate and Health Resilience Plan and future climate and health reports.

All questions are optional and you will remain anonymous unless you choose to share your contact information at the end of the survey.


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* 1. We hope to hear from partners across Oregon who have different perspectives.

Which of these partner groups best describes you?

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* 2. Communities on the “front lines” of climate change include those listed below.

If you’d like, please indicate which of the following communities you work with, or identify with:

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* 3. The first section of the report discusses racial inequity and climate justice.

Throughout the report we give examples of how Oregon’s public health system is working to achieve health equity.

Which of these strategies would you like to see us prioritize in the coming years?

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* 4. The Climate Hazards section within the report includes data, summary of current events, and future projections on:
  • Storms, floods, landslides, and sea-level rise
  • Wildfire
  • Infectious disease
  • Drought and water quality
  • Extreme heat
  • Air quality and allergens

What kinds of information would you like to see in future reports (related to these or other climate hazards)?

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* 5. The report identifies and discusses some “Cross-Cutting Impacts”:
  • Economic Instability, Impacts to Workers, and Food Security
  • Mental Health, Substance Use and Violence
  • Housing, Displacement and Migration
How would you like Oregon’s public health system to engage on cross-cutting impacts like these?

Are there specific issues or strategies you would like us to prioritize?

Below, we list the types of actions OHA plans to advance in the months and years ahead.
  • Promoting climate mitigation that maximizes health co-benefits
  • Collaborating across all levels of local, state and tribal government, and with community partners, to advance equitable climate adaptation
  • Building environmental health capacity to identify and address emerging environmental health threats, including threats to workers
  • Increasing understanding of mental health effects on individuals and the role of social resilience in fostering a community’s capacity to adapt
  • Supporting climate-related strategies in OHA’s state health improvement plan, Healthier Together Oregon

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* 6. Are there specific strategies you would like us to consider within any of the action areas listed above?

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* 7. Are there other action areas not covered in the list above?

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* 8. Are there organizations you suggest we explore collaborating with?

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* 9. Would you like to receive updates about future climate and health projects?

If so, please provide your contact information below:

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* 10. Would you like to give us permission to use your responses in the Climate and Health Resilience Plan or other program materials?

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