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* 1. Do you have a Product Owner [one person] who takes the call on what goes in the product, what is the priority and what should be developed in a given sprint?

* 2. Is the Product Owner always available through out the sprint to explain the requirements further, if needed and when needed?

* 3. Can you start your iteration without requiring full specification from the Product Owner?

* 4. Do ALL team members participate EQUALLY in decision making - how much work can be picked up and who does what work?

* 5. Do you have managers telling you how to do a task, how much time it should take and then reprimanding or praising you meeting these metrics?

* 6. Does the WHOLE TEAM meet regularly [probably at the end of each iteration] to do a retrospective or take a look at how they can become better?

* 7. Do you use one or more of the following practices : refactoring, shared code base, test driven development?

* 8. Do you have a full time Process Coach/ Scrum Master/ Development Coach whose only brief is to help the team become better as a team and whom you can trust blindly to remove any obstacles the team or you are facing?

* 9. If your managers or customers did not ask you to follow Agile/ Scrum/ XP, would you stop?

* 10. If you would be willing to allow me to send you a second round of more targeted questions or quote you in my paper/ report, please mention your name, email ID, phone number and company working for [no need for location or further details]. You can only mention name or email ID or phone as well.