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Question Title

* 1. Please give your name and centre name.

How do you operate the IGC Award in your school?

Please give as full a description as you like. It is very helpful to get an idea of how the Award is implemented in different ways and in different contexts.

For example:
What age are participants? Is it an optional after-school club? Do classwork or class activities form part of the Award?
How many staff are involved? Do you work with participants as a group, or as individuals?

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* 2. What aspect(s) of the Award do participants find most and least rewarding?

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* 3. What aspect(s) of the Award do YOU find most and least rewarding?

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* 4. What aspect(s) of the Award do you find most challenging to organise?

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* 5. Interactions between centres.

The Award aims to promote interaction between centres, to share ideas and practice, and, when appropriate to collaborate. The main way of doing this at the moment is the Award Ning.

Do you have any comments on the Award Ning?
Are you interested in developing more interactions with centres?

Do you have any suggestions for how such interactions could be promoted or assisted?

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* 6. Communications from project director

The main communications are a monthly newsletter and the Award Ning, and email messages to individuals.

Are communications to centres OK, or could they be improved?

Do you have suggestions for improving communications?

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* 7. Do you have any suggestions for ways in which your work with Award participants could be helped or better supported?

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* 8. Do you have any suggestions for how the Award programme should develop or could be improved?

Are you interested in helping to operate and develop the Award generally, as an international project, not just by working with participants in your own school?

If so, please indicate any ideas you have of areas in which you would be interested to be involved.

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Is the difference between the levels clear?

Is the silver level sufficiently challenging?

Is it sufficiently different from the bronze award?

Please give any other comments on the bronze and silver levels.