The towns of Black Diamond and Turner Valley in recognizing the shared potential of their communities are developing the Black Diamond - Turner Valley Intermunicipal Economic Development Strategy. The strategy will leverage existing economic development work done by both communities and advance innovative strategies that stimulate shared growth and prosperity.

To assist with the development of the Intermunicipal Economic Development Strategy, the Towns have engaged the services of MDB Insight Inc. As one of Canada’s leading specialist strategic planning and economic development firms, MDB Insight has worked extensively throughout Alberta and has completed numerous economic development projects for communities across the province. 

As a critical component of the strategy, this Online Business Survey seeks input and insight from the business community in both Black Diamond and Turner Valley. It will help gage strengths, challenges and priority areas for improving business satisfaction as well as identify concrete strategies and actions to support broader economic development goals.

Please be assured your answers will be kept strictly confidential.  The survey should take no more than 15 minutes of your time. Only the summary results will be shared publicly.
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