We are so excited to have our FIRST Brand Rep Search!! We are looking for: Fun, free spirited children who are active on
social media and take well styled, creative, and professional photographs. Ages 0-5 years. Willing to commit to at least 4 months exchange and agree to our use of their photographs for branding on social media and in our shop.

As a Rep you will receive discounts and special incentives on all purchases in exchange  for sharing your outfits/gifts/purchases with social media followers and friends through various social media (instagram, facebook, twitter, blogs, etc)

To be ale to qualify your accounts need to be set to "public" so everyone can see your adorable little kids in Little Sugar Plum outfits!!  

We will be contacting those that have won!!

Little Sugar Plum

* 1. What is your name? What is your child name and ages? Where do you live (state)?

* 2. What is your preferred e-mail?

* 3. Tell us about yourself, your child and why you think you will make a good Brand Rep?

* 4. What is your Instagram username and How many followers do you have? What is your Facebook name?

* 5. Do you have a family/parenting/fashion/personal blog? If so please leave the link!!

* 6. Are you a Brand Rep for any other company/websites/brands? If so please tell me what company?

* 7. What are your favorite children's brands?

* 8. If you are chosen to be a Little Sugar Plum Brand Rep do you agree to exclusively promote only Little Sugar Plum and no other companies that sell children's clothes during this time (3-6 months)?