1. Code of Ethics

We want to insure that all students and interns observe the highest ethical standards in order to protect and enhance the university’s reputation for integrity and honesty. We are counting on your commitment to adopt and act upon the highest standards of integrity as described in the following Code of Ethics.

Please read the following Code. Then sign the attached form and return only the signed sheet to your instructor. Thanks for your help.

* 1. Fundamental principles:

• Be honest and impartial and serve employers, clients and the public with devotion and respect.
• Try to increase the competence and prestige of the organization.
• Keep promises and honor commitments.
• Concentrate efforts on things we can control rather than worries that are beyond our control.
• Organize and work in a way that will prevent working in a crisis mode.
• Be creative and look for new ideas and better solutions.

* 2. Interaction with the public:

• Be dignified and modest in relation to the work accomplished and merits received;
• Never take credit for work accomplished by others;
• Always speak positively about those absent;
• Make efforts to build and improve good relations with others.

* 3. Interaction with employees and clients:

• Act in a professional manner with the employees and clients.
• Maintain strictly confidential any information obtained regarding business, techniques or colleagues and client files.
• When conflicts or disagreements arise, make an effort to see the other's point of view by imagining yourself in his/her place.
• In resolving conflicts, look for a solution that will benefit all.
• Cooperate with others.
• Value and seek out the point of view of others.
• Encourage others to give their opinion.

* 4. Interaction with peers:

• Ensure that the credit goes to those who deserve it.
• Collaborate to the professional development and the advancement of colleagues, collaborators and clients, or promote it.
• Extend your collaboration and your trust to colleagues, clients and supervisors, and do not enter into competition with them.
• Treat your colleagues and clients as you would wish to be treated.
• Work towards the success of others as much as your own.
• Take responsibility for your mood and actions rather than blame others and circumstances.


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