Survey for Horton Actors Studio actors

Hi all!

I, Joanna am off to graduate school this coming year. I didn't get to everyone individually, so sorry if you are just now hearing. As of June 2013, I will be in the northeast preparing for my Arts in Education Master's program at Harvard University in Boston. Before I go though, I will be in a month-long monastic retreat as part of studying mindfulness meditation at Gampo Abbey in Nova Scotia. These processes are part of the path of the studio and the overall program.

Please take a minute to complete this short survey. Your answers will allow me to a) plan my teaching schedule in Jacksonville this coming year, b) learn what needs exist for you students, and c) use your feedback to help form the future of the studio and what is offered to you.

As you can see, your feedback is VERY important to me and I'm sure to you too, so thank you for your thoughtful responses, honesty and feedback! All students (past, present and future) welcome to reply.



* 1. I hope the future of Joanna's studio involves

* 2. Joanna's studio and teaching is best suited for:

* 3. While Joanna is away this year,

* 4. I plan to study with Joanna when she's back in Jacksonville this upcoming year.

* 5. For Joanna's January and March workshops in 2014, I:

* 6. Some obstacles for me in continuing have been:

* 7. If Joanna offered a 3-4 day workshop of my liking,

* 8. If Joanna offered a 3-4 day workshop,

* 9. As one of Joanna's students (past or present),

* 10. To me, my current acting goals (current = the past 6-12 months) are