Instructional Department Questionnaire/Survey

When you complete this survey, you will be entered in a drawing for one of five $15 KJ's gift cards!

* 1. Please provide the following information.

* 2. Please provide a general description of your department:

* 3. Please answer the following questions.

* 4. Thinking about your teaching style and your students’ learning styles, describe the ideal teaching facility for the classes you currently teach in these classrooms. Include considerations such as class size, technology and other equipment.

* 5. Please answer the following questions.

* 6. What space requirements do you see as beneficial to promote engagement between inter- and intra- departmental faculty as well as student-faculty engagement? (i.e. conference areas, resource, library, lounge, etc.)

* 7. What are the important inter- and intra-departmental adjacencies for the programs within your department?

* 8. What non-instructional adjacencies are necessary (i.e. student services, auto access, outdoor teaching areas, public prominence, etc.)?

* 9. What space is required for departmental support functions? Describe those spaces and the support function performed:

* 10. What are the anticipated changes in your programs – either organizationally or instructionally?

* 11. Is space utilization currently aligned with college mission and/or the draft goals of the current 2016 EMP update?

* 12. Is the current space supportive of occupational programs and are future programs possible in existing facilities on campus?

* 13. Do you have any programs that are particularly popular/growing?

* 14. What, if any, planning issues has your department already considered for the next (5) years?

* 15. Please answer the following questions.

* 16. If you could change only one thing in your department facilities, what would it be?

* 17. What campus wide issues would you like to see the Facilities Master Plan Document address? (i.e. new facilities, transportation, signage/wayfinding, secondary effects of new buildings, etc.). What are your thoughts on these issues?