1. Are you social yet? Check all that apply to you, specifically.

2. Is your company social? Check all that apply to your company.

3. What blogs, forums, websites and other content publishers do you turn to for information on technology? Answers could include Wired, TechCrunch, SpiceWorks, LinkedIn Groups, @twelpforce, Yahoo Answers and good old Google.

4. What blog content would you like to see from a technology company like Stratus? Would you like how-tos, trouble-shooting, news and fair reviews of Stratus and non-Stratus products? Who in the company do you want to hear from?

5. Any other questions, comments or concerns? I value all your opinions and would love to hear them.
I also value getting to know you better. If you or your company have Twitter handles, Facebook pages or other social identities, please share them here. If you aren't social and would like to receive the report of my results, please include your work email address.