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* 1. Do you know if your employer offers workplace wellness programs?

* 2. What Workplace Wellness initiatives would you be interested in? (Click all that apply)

* 3. Do you feel you spend enough time focusing on your health?

* 4. Would you spend more time focusing on your health if programs were offered through work?

* 5. When would you participate if your employer offered wellness programs? (Click all that apply)

* 6. Would you participate in a program that interests you if you had to pay for the program yourself?

* 7. Would you participate in programs if your employer offered incentives?

* 8. What incentives would encourage you to participate (click all that apply).

* 9. If you have any other ideas for Workplace Wellness initiative that your employer should offer, please enter them here.

* 10. If you'd like Hit The Road to offer workplace wellness programs at your place of employment, please enter your e-mail address here. You e-mail will not be shared with any outside organizations.