Customer Satisfaction Survey - Zamil Plastic

NOTICE:  All information provided shall be kept confidential at all times and shall not be used for any external purposes and with out the written consent to do so from your end and only our Management at Zamil Plastics will be able to view this information.

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* 1. Customer Information

We strive to create excellence in customer's satisfaction. In line with this corporate mission, we have prepared this survey to help us identify the areas which we need to improve to be of better service to your company.


Kindly rate our performance from I to 10 using the applicable box, based on the following criteria:

5 Excellent

4 Very Satisfactory

3 Satisfactory

2 Below Satisfactory

1 Poor

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* 2. Kindly Rate Our Performance Level

  Poor Below Satisfactory Satisfactory VerySatisfactory Excellent
1- Product Quality
1.1 -  The overall product conformity compared to your quality requirements
1.2 - The product hygiene & food safety as compared to your requirements 
1.3 - The condition of production facilities as compared to your requirements
2 -  Product Development
2.1 - The product design compared to your requirement
2.2 - The prototype quality compared to your packaging requirement
3 - Product Lead times
3.1 - The time to deliver samples of new products
3.2 - The production lead time for ongoing products
4 - Customer Relations Services
4.1 - General professionalism and promptness of quotes
4.2 - Responsiveness and attitude towards your production requirements
4.3 - The handling of complaints and after sales information
4.4 - The concerned personnel are easy to contact
5 - Price for Performance
5.1 - New project and tooling quality meet your price expectation
5.2 - The product quality & services meet your price expectation
6 - Logistics and deliveries
6.1 - Deliveries are on time with accurate scheduling, information and documentation
6.2 - Products are in perfect condition upon delivery
6.3 - Trucks are in good and clean condition with courteous personnel

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* 3. Are we able to act as real business partners to your company? Please explain

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* 4. Have our services to your company changed over the past year? (For better or worse) Please explain

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* 5. Please write down any suggestions or remarks you may have for us