Fed Square has asked us to help them develop a time travelling map for bike riders heading to Fed Square.
A time travelling map shows how long it takes, on average, to ride from a landmark to a destination.
Most drivers have a time travel map in their head and know how long it takes them to drive to or from Geelong and the City for example.
People new to bike riding or commuting for the first time, don't have the equivalent knowledge.
We believe that the map will help people make the decision to ride into Fed Square for work or for fun on days off.
We plan to build the map based on real examples - and that's where you come in.

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Survey length: 13 questions
Time to complete: 8 minutes

* 1. When I ride in to Fed Square from this well known landmark

* 2. It generally takes me this many minutes. (Please only enter the number of minutes - no hours and no words. Thanks)

* 3. I usually ride on:

* 4. I would describe riding style as: