Dear SMC & ATA Members

The ATA Safety Management Council invites you to participate in the inaugural SMC Safety Benchmarking survey.

This survey was developed by the SMC Benchmarking Working Group which was established in May of 2021. The intent of the survey is to perform a holistic examination of motor carrier safety programs and to provide motor carriers the ability to benchmark their current policies and procedures against their industry colleagues.

Companies that participate in this annual survey will receive one complimentary copy of the final report. Additionally, round-table reviews and presentations of the data will take place at the annual ATA Safety, Security and HR National Conference & Exhibition.

There is sensitive information requested in the survey and we understand the hesitancy to share specifics regarding your safety programs. Please know that your responses are 100% confidential and your motor carrier name or any other identifying information will be excluded from reports or analysis pieces. Jacob Pierce, executive director of the ATA Safety Management Council will serve as the confidential agent in charge of managing the survey and will scrub all identifying information from the submissions prior to review.

Participation in the survey is highly valued and we encourage every motor carrier to enter information. Your responses will help shape ATA safety policy agenda, provide a safety benchmark for members of the ATA & SMC, and help improve the overall safety of the trucking industry.

If you have questions or would like further information, please contact Jacob Pierce at 703-838-1931 or

Thank you for your consideration.


Jacob Pierce
Executive Director
ATA Safety Management Council
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