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* 1. Personal and company data:

* 2. Kind of entity:

* 3. Please describe the field(s) in which you carry out your main activities:

* 4. Please describe how you would exploit DEPHOTEX results:

  Further research Prototyping Manufacturing Sales and distribution
Flexible solar cells
Protective coatings
Conductive fabrics
Thin-film photovoltaic technology
Photovoltaic textiles & products

* 5. To your opinion and experience in your own markets, which applications of textile photovoltaics have greatest potential to be succesfully exploited in the future?

  Probably great potential Probably few potential I don't know
Wearable garments
Sports, leisure & outdoor articles
Home textiles

* 6. Would you be interested in testing photovoltaic fabric for your own applications?

Many thanks for your interest! DEPHOTEX partners will include you in the Interest Group for periodic update on developments, news and events. Meanwhile, you can also contact us by sending an email to: fbreuil@cetemmsa.com.