Do you? Tell us why or why not. Your input might just turn your company into one you can love.

Whether you are currently at a company of any size, or have been at a company or could be swayed to go to a company that had a thriving workplace, this survey is for you.

The CLUB of Silicon Valley, an incubator of women leaders, has identified thriving workplaces as an imperative not just for our workforces generally, but also as a way to reinvigorate workplace cultures to be more inclusive environments that will naturally result in increased women’s leadership.

This 2 to 3-minute survey is the first step in the CLUB’s launch of its Thriving Workplaces Initiative. Thriving Workplaces are those that provide more than just interesting work and competitive pay, they appeal to the whole employee by providing inclusive company policies, state-of-the-art benefits, flexible work options, wellness programs, community volunteerism programs, unconscious bias training and more.

Basically, they make employees say, “I love my company!” We want to significantly increase the number of employees who love where they work and to do that we need your input. Note, your input will be anonymous.
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