We appreciate your desire to be part of Camp Homewood this summer, whether you are a first-time camper or your family has been enjoying Homewood for generations. It disappoints us deeply to have to cancel the amazing summer we had prepared for you and your kids!

As you can imagine, cancelling our entire summer and 100 days of spring rentals has impacted our finances significantly: our 2020 revenues have fallen by over $750,000. Even if fall rentals are permitted, we anticipate that they will be substantially smaller than in the past.

We spent tens of thousands of dollars getting ready for summer - printing and mailing brochures, managing registrations and processing credit card transactions, recruiting staff, and purchasing supplies.  In addition, Camp has fixed costs of over $30,000 per month including horse feed, insurance, utilities, and more. Covering these costs will be a massive challenge. If you can help us out so that Camp Homewood will be here to serve kids and families next summer, we would appreciate it!

We know that like us, your family may have been profoundly impacted by this crisis. Please do not feel any obligation to give - donate only if you can afford it!  

Please take a couple of minutes to let us know your wishes regarding your fees by filling out this short survey. If you are able to help us out, 100% of your gift will go towards the Camp Homewood COVID-19 Survival Fund. Tax receipts will be issued for all gifts of $25 or more.


Garry Ullstrom, Chair
Camp Homewood
The Pacific Coast Children’s Mission

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*Please note that Day Camps and Rent-A-Tent are just ideas at this time!  We are waiting for further details from Dr. Bonnie Henry regarding Phase 3 of BC's Restart Plan in order to finalize our plans.  Safety is our highest priority.  We will inform parents about alternate programming as plans are firmed up.

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* 6. Please indicate which programs you or your children may be interested in participating in this summer if they are available (for BC residents only):

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Thank you for your feedback!  We appreciate your patience as we collect information. We hope to  begin the process of issuing refunds starting in July.