Workshop Conference Call for Proposals

What would happen if you could attend a professional learning conference, where the focus is you as a teaching professional? What if you could hear from other educators and industry professionals how to address the needs of the “whole” teacher? What if you could spend a weekend hearing what you are doing right and how you can continue to expand your professional expertise?

If you are looking for all of the above things in professional learning then The Teacher Self-Care Conference is for you. We are looking for teachers and/or professionals who can "pour" into teachers under the theme, "Teaching is Not The End: Using Teaching to Expand Your Future".

Deadline to submit a proposal will be May 31st, 2017
Timeline for Decisions: 
June 30th, 2017 - Emails sent out confirming if your workshop has been chosen. 
July 15th, 2017- All presenter contracts must be signed. 

Note: Please be sure to submit proposals that are tied to one of the seven strands. To see samples of our sell-out conference in Atlanta in March 2017, please click here

* 1. PRESENTATION TITLE: (All presentation titles must clearly describe exactly what the presentation is about and must be limited to 10 words. TSC reserves the right to edit presentation titles. Remember, each presentation must identify with one of the workshop strands.) *

* 2. Conference Strands: Please select one that may apply.

* 3. Name of Lead Presenter: Any changes to the lead and/or co-presenters must be submitted by September 1, 2017 in order to be listed in the Official Conference Program. *

* 4. Email Address of Lead Presenter

* 5. WORKSHOP: Please type a description of no more than 200 words to describe your presentation. Descriptions must address these five criteria: 1) relevance to the strand with a clear "hook", 2) clear description of what teachers will do in the workshop, 3) clarity of the workshop goals, 4) types of audience engagement, and 5) what teachers will leave with (resources, strategies, etc.) to implement in their classrooms. Note: Remember your workshop should be interactive and should engage teachers in the work of teacher self-care. If chosen, you may have to upload a video of you delivering an overview of your workshop. 

* 6. Lead Presenter Bio (no more than 75 words)

* 7. What format is your workshop tailored after? 

* 8. Are you interested in presenting in Atlanta (June 2018) or Memphis, (October 2017), Tampa (March 2018)?

* 9. Have you presented at any other teacher conferences? If so, please list them below.

* 10. Please list the school/position of the main presenter.